Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updated Van de Graaff generator parts

Steel of aluminium mixing bowls
Aluminium tape
4x 5/8" outer diameter PVC pipe end caps (very specific since I already have that size of PVC pipe)
2x shafts or pins to mount PVC rollers on
Paint mixing bucket or other strong base that can have pieces cut out easily (and still be strong)
Superglue (superglue gel if there is a difference)
Gloves (to keep fingers safe while working with superglue)
Something to attach PVC to base, all screws going into the PVC column should be nylon
Electric motor at least 3000RPM
Neoprene belt 2" wide
PVC column 3-3.5" diameter, long enough to stretch neoprene belt slightly. Must be at least 3" inner diameter.
Metal nibblers (tool)

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