Friday, January 6, 2012


I'm designing a pseudoscope! In short, a pseudoscope switches the images going into your eyes (what would go into your left eye goes into your right, and vice versa). My dad was playing with a paper kit for one around christmas, and it didn't work very well. Unfortunately the paper just didn't hold together well enough. However, he suggested I should design one that can be laser cut, write up instructions for instructables and possibly post it on So here goes, the plan is to make it out of plastic so it won't warp, and to have all of the assembly to be done with screws so it can be redone (no glue). All machining should be with a laser cutter, but I'm considering drilling out the holes, at least for mine.

Here's my rough draft CAD. The gap is where your nose fits. The two planes near it are mirrors, which reflect the light coming in from the large mirrors on the opposite side into your eye. The large mirrors are designed to pivot, so it can be adjusted to the user. Also, it makes it easier to design. I'm currently planning on doing this with a basic t-slot design which I've used before, partially because it's easy for me to design and partially because it's a very easy way to design things for other users who might try to follow my design.

There isn't much more to do before I start prototyping it, but I'm still looking for a good mirror supplier. Once I figure out what size mirrors I want, I'll order the first set of parts and start experimenting.

This should be an interesting project, it's my first which I'm partially designing to be easy for other people to replicate.

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